8 Jul

There’s still less than one hour left in my Thursday.

This morning, I had a wonderful idea for my “Thankful Thursday” post. But instead of getting to write it, I have spent the entire day… in fact, almost the entire week, worrying about and working on getting our wireless network working again.

It has taxed my brain to the max!!!! However, I think … (oh I hope – I hope) I finally completed and fixed the issues.

So what am I thankful for today?


I’m thankful that the sun was shining so that I could drive my Miata to Best Buy to purchase a new modem.

Oh… but I must say… there was an hour and a half that I was NOT working on my internet… and it leads to another thing I am very thankful for today.

I’m thankful for The CFIDS Association of America and their wonderful Webinars. Today, I spent an hour and half, hearing from Dr. Vernon and 3 of the research studies that they are helping fund. (click on the picture to see their website)


These webinars are so fantastic. I love being able to listen and learn from home! And, I can go back and listen to them again and again until my brain grasps the info. Thank you Dr. Vernon and thank you Kim McCleary for moderating these webinars!

And this leads to one more thing I’m thankful for…

I am so thankful for the supplements I started a couple of months ago! Last months webinar was given by Dr. Lapp. (I think I shared a bit about this last month) Dr. Lapp is a specialist in NC, and at this point, I can not afford to see him (politics keep him from being able to charge like a normal physician so he can’t contract with insurance companies. They don’t like a doctor who spends the whole day with one patient!)

But in Dr. Lapps Webinar for The CFIDS Association of America, though he, of course, could not give medical advice, he did give some suggestions for supplements that I did not know about and that I have started taking.

This past week – I have begun to really feel as if I may be coming out of this 10 month relapse! On top of that… today’s webinar explained to me why several of these are helping me! That is really something to be thankful for!

I thank God for all of these things, even in this week full of technical trials.

I hope you too can come up with some things you are thankful for… it sure changes my heart as I focus on them!




PS: Did you know that I donate 10% of all my proceeds from my art on this site to The CFIDS Association of America? Yep! I’m listed on the website (I’ll get you the link soon, but I’m running out of Thursday right now) I know the page links above aren’t working yet, but within a few days, you’ll be able to browse and even purchase my art right here under The Creators Palette tab!

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  1. maryeb July 11, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Your new blog looks great. I really like the layout.

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