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It All Begins with T…

13 Jul





Yes, I admit, I am addicted to TEA! I love tea! I start my day with tea and I drink it all day long. Black tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea… floral tea, spiced tea, tropical tea… I love it all!

Guess that’s why being a tea reviewer is such a great joy in my life. I now review teas for a great tea website TeaViews


This weekend I drank 2 pots of a delicious tea from Indonesia sold by Mark T. Wendall





And I’ve discovered a new company, BourgeaTEA, started by a college student out to change the view of “tea”. The company doesn’t have a huge selection, but their blends are outstanding – I am so impressed!!! I’ve had a White tea that has made the most delicious iced tea,  a very fun flavored tea and a great Irish Breakfast blend!


I’ve also discovered American Tea Room and was able to taste this very wonderful and very rare tea called “Ruby Black”. It is grown in Taiwan, which is known for producing fantastic Oolong tea. But after the big earthquake in 1999 some old, rare cultivars that used to be grown were uncovered. These are a hybrid of Myanmar and Assam tea trees, and this Ruby Black is the result. It’s an amazing tea!

You might just think my tea love is only a fun pastime – but it’s actually an extremely healthy pastime! Black teas do not have the same caffeine type as coffee (neither type, nor amount). My body can’t handle the caffeine in coffee… a stimulant actually makes me much sicker (how about you?)

Though there are many claims about tea – most are not fully proven. Many have been researched, but as I’m finding out about medical research, it takes several replication studies for anything to be medically accepted.

But there are a few claims that I’ve read that help me feel like I’m doing something healthy for my body when drinking my tea:

  • Teas are high in antioxidants (this is so important to me because my diet is so limited due to gastroparesis)
  • Tea may protect against many cancers
  • Tea – especially Oolong – is known to increase metabolism and help lose weight
  • Green tea is thought to reduce several types of inflammation
  • Another study showed that White tea may be beneficial in fighting bacterial and viral infections

I love teas with ginger in them, and ginger is a great for settling my stomach!

Most importantly… tea warms my heart & is a low calorie “comfort food” for me!

If you like tea at all, I encourage you to follow TeaViews. Another fun place for tea lovers is a website called Steepster. Here people just share about tea on the forums, rate the teas in their cupboard and just generally enjoy tea together!

You too may find some very intriguing teas you want to try! And you can feel healthy while drinking them (vs. the feeling of downing a milkshake – hee hee)

(BTW… no… I don’t get anything out having you visit or join TeaViews. I’m just sharing something that is special to me, with you!)


PS: Next time I post about some of the teas I’m drinking, I’ll share about some of the “non-tea” teas I drink – especially green rooibos! Talk about healthy… yeah… I’ll come back to tea sometime soon :-)



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