Thankful for Mentors

5 Aug

I’m sitting here in my house, alone. The quietness surrounds me and all I hear is the trickle of the fountain outside, and my fingers softly typing.

It hasn’t always been like this, but more and more I get to have the long periods of alone time that I used to long for as I was raising 3 children. (You know, all those moments you wish you could just go to the bathroom by yourself – or take a bath without someone knocking or hearing things crash outside the door?)

I love the still quiet where my mind can think, my soul can rest and my body relaxes.

But as I began to think about what I was thankful for today, my mind flew back to all those years of young children… the noise, the needs, the play, the fights, the T.V. shows, the constant making of snacks and meals…

Looking back, I loved raising my 3 children as much as I thought I would. But as I sit here quietly remembering, I am also very thankful for the mentors in my life that helped me through those turbulent unrestful years!

There was one who began mentoring me to be a great Mommy, even before I was pregnant with my first child. She not only shared her thoughts and wisdom on raising children, she modeled it for me. I still remember sitting in her living room the first time I ever felt my first baby move inside me! Her patience, tenderness and devotion to the needs of her children have always been a sweet influence in my life.

Then there was a dear neighbor who moved in when my first child was just one and a half. She had 2 children that she homeschooled and she spent many hours with me, having coffee, talking through the trials of learning to discipline a young child, teaching me to become a more economical and accompished homemaker, and listening to the trials of my heart. We baked homemade bread together, and her children played with my baby so I could have a much needed break with an adult.

Later, there were Moms all raising children the same age as mine who would meet and pray together. We didn’t have a lot of advice for each other, and yet, each of us, in our own way shared in the pool of ideas to be the best Mommy’s we could be.

And then there was a lovely woman who loved God and loved me! She met with me regularly. We shared a similar life change as our husbands both quit their jobs and went to Bible College, but her children were pre-teen and teen. So we encouraged each other through those changes, but she was a great example to me of the kind of  Mother that I wanted to be as my children grew. She gave me vision and something to strive for in the midst of the daily grind.

All of these women were mentors to me – encouraging me through those noisy busy years of raising children.

And now, here I sit, so proud of my 3! Each one in her/his own way, have blossomed into three unique young adults that I am proud to claim as my children. And I think, from what they tell me, that I did a pretty good job as a Mommy… thanks to those wonderful women who came along side me at just the right time in my life.

Who has influenced you the most in your life’s ¬†journey?

Are you influencing anyone else right now?

I’d love to hear from you!


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