Tuesday Tea with TeaFlection’s Irish Breakfast: A Review

17 Aug


**I was not paid in any way for the following review. I was sent a sample of the product I am reviewing only. The opinions are my own, honest evaluation of the product.**

I “met” TeaFlection through my job as a tea reviewer at TeaViews. I was very happy when they asked me to do a review of their tea here on my blog!

First, I want to tell you that I was not paid for this review and I am sharing my complete and honest opinion!

They let me choose which tea I would like to review, so I chose to try their Irish Breakfast tea. As soon as I received my 1/2lb bag (and a complimentary tea ball infuser) I couldn’t wait to brew my regular morning pot of tea. (we’re in a short hot spell or I would have brewed a pot of afternoon tea as soon as it arrived) :-)

I’ve really enjoyed browsing TeaFlection‘s website. It’s easy to navigate and there’s a nice variety of teas to choose from including Green teas, White teas, several Oolong teas and a unique variety of herbal tisanes!

TeaFlections seems to focus less on creating their own unique blends of tea, and more on bringing quality tea to online customers. Their prices are amazingly reasonable for the quality of tea they deliver.

Their motto is “Tea without compromise” and for those who are just being introduced to loose leaf tea, they also include a tea ball infuser like the one I received – perfect for brewing a single cup of tea!

I must say, am thrilled with my choice of TeaFlections Irish Breakfast tea. I chose it  based on it’s description:

“Irish Breakfast Tea produces a rich, liquoring cup that is full-bodied, brisk, and malty. Blended from black teas such asAssam teasand Sri Lankan teas, a cup of Irish Breakfast tea becomes stronger the longer it brews.”

This descriptions was right on! And I must add that TeaFlections does a great job, not only in defining their tea, but in telling a little bit about that particular tea and some of the possible health benefits too!

I always look for full-bodied black teas. I love any tea from Sri Lanka and I love Assam so this sounded like the tea for me. The real problem is, that the quality of the beverage still depends on the quality of the tea leaves.

When I opened my package of tea, it smelled so fresh! It was in a tightly sealed bag which, after opening, has a zip lock closure so that I can lock out air, keeping the tea fresh. The leaves are not full leaves, but definitely are not fannings (the leftover dust that most tea bags use). I was pleased with the variety of colors, from golden tips to darker leaves. This led me to expect a good blend.

As I always do, I started with cold fresh water in my tea kettle, and while that heated on the stove, I filled my teapot with hot water to warm it.

I used my “perfect cup of tea” measuring spoon, which is basically a teaspoon. I used two heaping and about 3/4 of a third spoonful. I also used my basket infuser. It fits into the opening of my teapot and is large enough to give the tea leaves room to expand.

Once the water has just come to a boil (don’t let it boil on – the loss of oxygen messes with the quality of your brewed tea), I quickly emptied the pot, put the basket with tea in it and poured the water over the leaves until the pot was full. Then I set the lid on and put a tea cozy over the pot to keep it hot.

I brewed TeaFlection’s Irish Breakfast for 6 min. 5 min is commonly known as the brewing time for black tea, and if you go over 7 min, many black teas begin to get bitter. I chose 6 min because I like a strong cup of tea in the morning, but I wanted to be sure not to ruin the flavor for this review. 6 min turned out to be perfect and I used that timing again for my second pot!

At 6 min I removed my tea infuser basket and sat back and enjoyed one of the best pots of black tea I’ve had! I just love this blend! It’s just slightly malty, very very smooth, and takes milk very nicely!

Additionally, I found that it makes a great iced tea as well! I had some warm tea left in my second pot, so I filled a cup with ice, and poured it over the ice. The tea took on a more astringent flavor when iced, but was very refreshing!

I encourage you to visit TeaFlection‘s website and browse around. You’ll find some great tea options and their customer service is outstanding. I know there are several more teas I have my heart set on trying!

AND… don’t miss out on the possibility of winning some free tea! If you click here you can enter their weekly Haiku contest (or look on the left hand side of the tea pages, you’ll see a link to the Haiku contest) The entry page explains everything. It’s easy to submit a haiku and you may just find yourself with a lovely bag of tea from TeaFlection too!

You can find TeaFlection on Facebook Here

You can follow TeaFlection on Twitter Here

**NOTE: I did not receive any payment for this review. I was only sent the Irish Tea Blend to sample and everything I have expressed here are my honest opinions!

Happy Tea Tuesday!

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