Finding Hope Part 2

18 Dec

I sit with my head on the hot cement. I picture the dive over and over. Suddenly, in my minds eye, I see what has been going wrong!

I lift my head. It’s time to get this right!

I heave a huge sigh as I grab the metal poles of the ladder and hoist myself out of the pool.

(If you don’t know what I’m referring to, scroll down and read my blog entry from December 15th.)

This illness I deal with, day after day often takes me back to those hard working days of diving. It requires courage, and perseverance, and Hope!

But Hope is a skittish thing – one that can quickly change from a pretty dive, to one that hurts.

That medal that I told you I won? I got Silver, not Gold. And the only reason I lost Gold, was because of my last dive – a full twisting flip. I had the timing down cold… I did it without thinking. I can still do it in my sleep. But that day, something threw my timing off… I opened too early and … slap! There went my Gold medal.

Hope can feel – oh so right – and yet, just like the day of that championship meet, I can find myself slapped by the realization that I’ve put my hope in things, but Hope must be placed correctly or it flops.

This past month, as I’ve rested my weary head, I’ve realized that I was lured into a realm of misplaced hope.

I must get back up on the board and readjust where I place my Hope.

Tomorrow (or soon), I want to share my mistakes… the ways I’ve misplaced my Hope.

Then, in the next post, I want to share the correct place for my Hope to rest. So I guess this has turned into a four part blogging series!

I want to write these thoughts out: 1)for me, so that when I need readjustment I can come back and read my own writing and 2)for you, in case you too are seeking for Hope, but instead, finding yourself scraped up or stinging from a belly flop!

It’s scary, and it’s exciting to be processing this as I go. Watch for my next post to continue on this journey of “Finding Hope”.


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One Response to “Finding Hope Part 2”

  1. Marci December 19, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    Anxious to hear….as this time of year I seem to get easily distracted and discouraged by all the hurt and sadness around me when I need to be concentrating on the Hope and Love of Jesus Christ and thanking God for sending us His Son.

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