Tuesday Tea

1 Feb

I’m sitting here in bed (it’s not been a good M.E./CFS week) and what am I doing? Drinking tea! And I realized I hadn’t written a Tuesday Tea post in a while!

This is one of my favorite Shelley teacups in my collection

So what’s in my cup right now?

I’m drinking my last pot of “Classic Black” from Art of Tea . I have also, really been enjoying Red Leaf Tea’s “Earl Grey De La Creme”, it’s been the perfect winter tea!

But here I sit… with the sun shining in my window and my heart drifts towards spring! (though when I opened the window to breath the fresh air … I found it was FREEZING outside!!!)

So I’ve placed a new order! I tasted Culinary Teas “Lady Londonderry” and wrote a review on it! I loved the soft flavors of lemon and berry and just needed a bit of “spring” in my tea! I was also looking for a new black to try… and as I didn’t want to pay shipping from two stores I also ordered “Kirkoswold Dimbula FBOP” – a tea grown in the heights of Sri Lanka and one I have never tasted before.

A Royal Albert teacup I picked up in England.

And… I know what my next order will be too! For Christmas, I purchased tea from BourgeaTea for all of my extended family. I even bought some for my daughter. I bought some of my favorites for my family and now I can’t wait to get my spring/summer tin of “White Peach” ! I also think I’ll try their “Irish Breakfast” since every tea I’ve had from BourgeaTea has been fantastic!

What’s in your cup today?


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One Response to “Tuesday Tea”

  1. Melanie February 1, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    Hi Melanie! Thanks for entering the Winter Follower Giveaway. I just had to come over and meet you since we share the same name…and look you have a tea post. I am sitting here having a cup of Sleepy Time. I am a southerner by heart and love a sweet tea. I followed you back and look forward to reading more tea posts in the future. :)

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