Enchanted Poppies

2 Feb

Have I shown you my newest painting in the “Enchanted” series? No… I don’t think I have! Here it is:

It is 11″x15″ on rough press watercolor paper. I used some new paints my sweet husband bought from Daniel Smith for Christmas! (yes… I did give a couple hints – hee hee) This new grey blue has the most beautiful granulating effect and that’s why I chose to use the rough press paper.

It has quite a surreal feel about it doesn’t it? It took a lot of different attempts at mixing paint colors to achieve the fell and depth in the dark red poppies. And I was quite nervous about adding the little stem hairs. But what is a good Oriental Poppy without the hairy stems?

Every time I finish one of these “Enchanted” paintings, a new pops into my head! I’m about to begin work a new one… and if it turns out as I hope, it will be “Golden Enchantment”… but you’ll have to wait until it’s done before you get any more hints! :-)

Thanks for stopping by today and enjoying my painting with me. It’s a time that I find I can forget all worries, and freely dance in my heart. This time, I spent a lot of time listening to Kathy Troccoli’s “Comfort” as my heart was very heavy. But Marc Enfroy’s music carried me along as well!

I love my painting times!

What do you do to let go of the worries that tangle around our feet and keep us from dancing in our hearts?

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One Response to “Enchanted Poppies”

  1. Laurie February 9, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Your painting is lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway. I hope you will be back!

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