First Peek at My Trip

14 Feb

Well, it’s been a week since my appointment with Dr. ME. Wow… can’t believe it! Last monday I had a full afternoon at the doctor’s office, including some IV fluids, and Tuesday afternoon I had a VO2 max exercise test and consult with a physiologist.

I help up fairly well… Wed morning I was moving slow, but made it through the morning and to the plane. right at about 26 hrs after the test it hit me hard – a major flare as a result of the exersice – fever, chills, headache, achey, slight sore throat, mouth sores began breaking out, and a deep sinking feeling of fatigue. This will normally happen any time I have over extended myself and hits anywhere from 4 – 36 hrs after.

Once I have set myself into a flare, it lasts 4 -7 days. So, it’s going to be a bit longer before I can share more details about the trip… but for now, here’s a fun little slideshow I made.

By the way!!! I don’t think I had the chance to share on my blog, that a very special person – someone I’ve never met before, but knows about me and prays for me, gave us the money for Ellen, my 21 year old daughter, to go on the trip with me! I NEVER could have done it without out her – and am so thankful to my gracious supporter, and to God for providing for me in this way!

Thank you, to all of you who prayed for me on this trip. I look forward to sharing more about it.


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