3 years later – What can I say?

10 Apr

I’m reposting a blog post from 3 years ago.

I am, just today, putting prints of this cross painting in my Etsy Shop (11×14 or 8×10) and I was recalling the amazing experience of painting it. I was experiencing such pain and fatigue. I painted with tears streaming down my cheeks, from the pain and fatigue in my body. But they flowed even more as I thought about what that cross represents, and the pain and fatigue the human body of Jesus experienced as he, the Son of God, gave up his body, to prove God’s deep love for me. I will always remember it!

So here is the post from 3 years ago:

What Can I Say?

Why haven’t I posted a blog in over a week? I just don’t know what to say. I feel miserable and I’m not doing much so I don’t know what else to say. My prayer request today is that I could have enough energy to take a shower. I’m serious!

Amazingly, my stomach has continued to do well, and my Heart Rate is under control thanks to my trip back to Vanderbilt. But the fatigue – and I use that word for lack of something stronger and more descriptive, continues to grab at my feet dragging me to the bottom of the functionality scale.

We’re doing a lot of good research and have contacted some wonderful doctors concerning ME/CFS and there is some exciting research going on concerning the causes and possible treatment of ME/CFS – so you can pray that we understand what we are studying and come to the conclusions that God would have us pursue. This is a long term prayer request.

As some of you know already, and have seen at our church, I was able to paint a large cross painting for Easter. Thank you to all of you who have noticed it and sent compliments to me through Bill.

I must say, it was an amazing experience. Being in a CFS flare, and only have2 weeks to paint it – I pushed so hard, I was often in tears over the exhaustion my body felt and the aches and pains that ensued. But then I would think about the exhaustion and pain Jesus went through out of love for me and I cried harder. It was a very moving experience to paint this cross!

The picture at the top is a front view and here is a slides show of some of the pictures I took while it was in process. It is 5 ft by 3.5 ft and practically filled the living room floor! Most often I had to paint it flat because watercolor is so wet it would drip. This is a special canvas made especially for water media. I hope you enjoy the slide show.

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