Enchanted Butterfly

26 Jun

When I wrote my post on my new painting “Enchanted Roses”, I realized that I had never written a post about this new painting “Enchanted Butterfly”. It’s 11″x14″ and it’s painted on Hot Press. This is how I was able to get this wonderful marbled look in the background. I am learning to love hot press more and more! It’s listed here on Etsy.

I also have it available on my new website where it can be purchased as a print, a framed print, a canvas print and even notecards. (I’m offering 20% off to the first 10 customers – use code XUUTHP)

Does it seem like I’m not sharing very much personally in my blog writing right now? If it does… well… I’m not. That’s because I’m facing some dark days and I have to let them take their course and process before I can really open up. Suffice it to say, last February when I visited Dr. ME/CFS, I had hopes that things might be looking up a bit by summer. They aren’t.

I continue to get worse, have more symptoms and less ability to think, get out and be myself.

My times of painting are short, but are real moments of refuge. These short moments have allowed me to develop a new style of painting, and they allow me concentrate on something other than feeling so ill.

I will share more as I am able, and I am so thankful that I can paint.

We’ve set up our spare room as a guest room/art room. My parents bought me a little art table and it’s been a huge blessing because I can leave everything set up… walk in and paint for a few minutes and go back to lay down. We’re just now framing many of my paintings and using the walls in this room as a display area. I’ll share pictures when it’s done!

Thanks for sticking by me and for your warm notes of support!

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