Tuesday Tea Village Tea Company

13 Sep

It’s time for another “Tuesday Tea” post. And have I got some wonderful teas to share with you today!

I was given the great opportunity to sample some teas from Village Tea Company. I’d like to tell you a bit about Village Tea Company by sharing some of the letter from the CEO I found on their website.

The Village Tea Company brand is a young brand, less than 3 years old, but  prides itself on providing exceptionally tasting teas packaged with the  environment and consumers in mind.  Our packaging is completely  environmentally friendly but it’s what’s inside the package that consumers  truly  love….the tea of course!

The Village Tea team spends months every year traveling to tea farms and meeting with farmers that have become friends over the years to hand pick each tea that you enjoy.  We stay on site at each farm and commit ourselves to understanding the culture and demands put on our friends on a daily basis.  It’s this commitment and effort that drives us to advance the message of loose leaf tea and it’s benefits.

I must say, I was super impressed with the packaging of the teas I received. I loved that the containers were a heavy paper board. But they are also very sturdy, seal tightly and keep light away from the tea!

When I opened my first container, I found that the loose leaf tea was packaged in 2 separate muslin bags to help keep it fresh. I even received tea sacks tucked in beside my tea. What a nice treat to receive these with loose leaf tea! One package was filled with pyramid tea bags and the tea that filled the tea bag is a very nice sized/ high quality leaf.

I received 3 different teas: A white tea “Strawberry Passion”, a green “Smooth Jasmine” and a black “Mintastically Minty”.

My favorite? Well… right now my favorite of the three is the Strawberry Passion! We have been having a very warm September… and I love to brew up a large batch of white flavored tea as iced tea! However, I know when winter comes, I’m going to be turning to the Smooth Jasmine often in the evenings!

My favorite aspects of each tea:


Strawberry Passion: A very nice, full bodied, white tea! Very low in caffeine. Flavored ever so gently with a strawberry, with some dried strawberries in the mix.


Smooth Jasmine: A nice gentle chinese green tea – not too bitter, with a touch of sweetness. The tea is not only flavored with jasmine, but also has some scattered dried jasmine petals in it. This blend is like satin on the tongue!


Mintastically Minty:  Organic!! I love organic tea! Lemongrass adds a lovely dimension to the spearmint and peppermint!



Having tried 3 different teas and being impressed with all three, I would highly recommend Village Tea Company.

I look forward to trying their “Sassy” Green Tea which has green tea, ginger, flavor, orange peel, peach pieces, chilies, cloves, safflower, acai (some of my favorite flavors!!!) I also look forward to trying their “Royal Organic English Breakfast”!


**I did NOT receive any compensation for this review, nor do I receive anything for directing readers to this company. The opinions are all my own, honest evaluation. I did receive samples of the tea to taste.

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