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What am I paying for?

25 Apr

On top of everything else, I’m being plagued with migraines. Even had to visit the ER on one occasion.

My doctor prescribes a medication I took a few years ago. I wait…….

Finally the pharmacy calls and says the insurance requires authorization from the doctor. I am asked to call my doctor. I call….

Doctor says they hadn’t received a fax from pharmacy and tell me to call pharmacy and ask them to fax that info. I call….

Pharmacy says they will send a second fax. I wait….


I call the pharmacy and it still won’t go through insurance. They tell me to call insurance company. I call….

Insurance company says they need more information from doctor and that I should call the doctor. I call….

Doctor tells me that they need the letter from the insurance company and tell me to call them and ask them to fax. I call…

Insurance company says they will send a request for more info again. I wait….

Three weeks later and three migraines later, I still have no medication to help deal with them. So my question is, why is a very sick person having to call everyone over and over to get them to do their job? What is it I am paying all of them for?

~Frustrated patient.


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