What am I paying for?

25 Apr

On top of everything else, I’m being plagued with migraines. Even had to visit the ER on one occasion.

My doctor prescribes a medication I took a few years ago. I wait…….

Finally the pharmacy calls and says the insurance requires authorization from the doctor. I am asked to call my doctor. I call….

Doctor says they hadn’t received a fax from pharmacy and tell me to call pharmacy and ask them to fax that info. I call….

Pharmacy says they will send a second fax. I wait….


I call the pharmacy and it still won’t go through insurance. They tell me to call insurance company. I call….

Insurance company says they need more information from doctor and that I should call the doctor. I call….

Doctor tells me that they need the letter from the insurance company and tell me to call them and ask them to fax. I call…

Insurance company says they will send a request for more info again. I wait….

Three weeks later and three migraines later, I still have no medication to help deal with them. So my question is, why is a very sick person having to call everyone over and over to get them to do their job? What is it I am paying all of them for?

~Frustrated patient.

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2 Responses to “What am I paying for?”

  1. Barbie Hernandez Swihart April 27, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

    I am sorry my friend. I am praying this issue gets resolved soon, and that your migraines leave even sooner.

  2. Lisa May 12, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    Melanie, I’m sorry you are having to do all the work! That’s a bunch of poop! I would hope they would have offered it if possible, but is it a migraine medicine that your physician’s office might have samples of? I know when I worked in family practice, we often had samples of most migraine meds. Grrrrr, this frustrates me so much! Their job is to provide CARE, part of providing care is the paperwork and bureaucracy that our healthcare system entails. Sigh.

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