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New Winter Teas

13 Jan

Now that December has come and gone, I can share with you two new teas I’ve created for Mellie’s Tea on Adagio! Both of them were created specifically for someone special, but both are also for sale!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.46.47 PM

The first one I created as a Birthday present for my son’s girlfriend who also loves tea. And she love mint. And she love chocolate. It’s called “Kayla’s Coco Mint”. It is a refreshing minty green tea accented with vanilla and then sprinkled with real peppermint leaves, candy canes and cocoa nibs.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.51.48 PM

The second one I created for my son! He too loves tea and this one was part of a Christmas present. It’s called “Chris’ Coconut Chai”. Coconut and Chai spices are not flavors I would automatically consider putting together. But once I tasted a coconut chai, I knew I wanted to create my own blend. Starting with a Masala Chai, I’ve blended in coconut and cream with real chunks of coconut and ginger. It’s delicious!

Just in case you are wondering… I don’t make any money from these teas. I do get Adagio points when one sells and when I’ve accumulated enough points (there are other things I can do to earn points too) then I can use the points towards a discount on tea purchases. I just create these because it’s fun! I recently bought myself some of the Autumn Garden Spice black tea I created using some of these points!

Let me know if you try any of my teas and tell me what you think!


Winter Teas

26 Nov

I’m at it again! I’ve created two new winter teas. AND Adagio is offering FREE shipping this week! 

You can see all my tea creations HERE. Today I created a black tea and a green tea blend.

Winter Warmth

The black tea blend is called “Winter Warmth” and it blends the flavors of Chocolate and Hazelnut with a slight background of cream and cinnamon! What a nice way to warm up!

Winter Spice

The green tea blend is called “Winter Spice” and it blends the flavors of citrus and spice with a background of vanilla. Green tea is very low in caffeine and can be drunk later in the day or the evening. 

I hope some of you enjoy them! If you give them a try, please let me know what you think!


Autumn Garden Spice Tea

1 Oct

Fruit Harvest ACEO

I was just browsing around the web, not really thinking about much, when all of a sudden, I got this great idea for a new tea blend! So, I’m sure you can guess what I did… I went and made it!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.28.43 AM

It’s called Autumn Garden Spice Tea. It’s a caramel apple black spiced chai tea!! The smell of rain, and an autumn garden go hand in hand with apples and spices. I added a special touch of cardamom because I think it adds that special Fall touch!

Come check it out – Autumn Garden Spice Tea on Adagio Teas. And you can see all of my signature teas under “Mellie’s Tea”

A Special Interview and HUGS for my Online Friends




(Note: I don’t earn any money from my signature blends. But I get some kind of points I can eventually use towards my tea purchases.)

Tuesday Tea: Queens Royal Garden Tea

1 Aug


I’ve created another signature tea!  It’s called “Queen’s Royal Garden Tea”. It’s a great blend of black breakfast teas, with a touch of rose and lavender.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 4.38.47 PM

You can view it HERE

It’s also in a “Ship” with “Devonshire Cream Scones” so if you purchase both you get 10% off.

I just create these tea blends on Adagio because it’s fun. After so many sales, I get some kind of points that I can use to get tea, but I enjoy thinking through the flavors I like and what new combinations I would enjoy drinking!

Look through all my tea blends HERE

Volcano Winery White Tea

21 Jul

So it’s time to tell you my most exciting story of our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.

(c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

(c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

It seemed a bit brighter when we came out and so we headed to the crater. We got some great pictures, saw the crater and wandered through the museum. However, by the time we were heading to the car it was starting to sprinkle again. We had planned on stopping and seeing the sites through the park, but by the time we walked around the steam vents, we were freezing cold, and very wet. We decided to call it a day.

You can see in the background, the line where lava has flowed recently and not

You can see in the background, the line where lava has flowed recently and not

Pouring down rain at the steam vents

Pouring down rain at the steam vents

Wild Orchid near steam vents (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

Wild Orchid near steam vents (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

So we headed out to find some lunch. We decided to go to the town of Volcano and found a little place to eat. We brainstormed on other things we could do. I had read about some places on the Big Island that grow tea and I wanted to go on a tour of a tea growing estate. But I didn’t know how to find them. I had also read about the Volcano Winery. They have some unique wines including a guava wine and a honey macadamia wine. We had seen signs to it so we decided to go check it out.

It was a cute little place. As I walked around, I realized they had estate tea! They not only grow their own grapes for wine, but they grew tea!! I got to talking to one employee and she gave me a taste of their black tea. Then I met the owner, Marie. When she found out I really did know about tea, and even wrote reviews for Teaviews, she gave me a taste of their white tea! It was AMAZING!!

I think I “oooo’ed” and “ahhh’d” over it so much, and asked so many questions about the tea they grow, that she offered to give me a private tour! I was like a child in a candy shop… or a child on christmas morning! I tried really hard not to literally jump up and down, but I was on the inside!

Rows and rows of tea! (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

Rows and rows of tea! (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

This lava tube is eventually going to be a tasting room for Volcano Winery! (c) Bill Pruitt 2013

This lava tube is eventually going to be a tasting room for Volcano Winery! (c) Bill Pruitt 2013

Admiring the tea! (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

Admiring the tea! (c) Melanie Pruitt 2013

Their tea is grown at 4000 feet, in fields of lava. They have carved the rows out of the lava and brought in dirt. Their tea plants are imported from Japan and were gorgeous! I even got a demonstration of the picking process – both the white needles and the second leaf.

When we got back inside, she handed me a packet of their white tea to take home! Surely, she was a kindred spirit… I mean seriously…she has the same name as my first child, she loves her tea and she loves/lives on hawaii?

Click the picture to see the Volcano Winery website

Click the picture to see the Volcano Winery website

The tea is as delicious here at home as it was on the island! Here’s a little bit of the review I wrote about it:

When I first opened the package, I could see the white needles blended with the second leaves. They are a beautiful soft green – the color indicating how fresh this tea is. The smell is strong and vegetal. The needles are softly silver with fine hairs. Mixed in with the needles are the darker, yet colorful, flat second leaves.

They suggest brewing it at 208 degrees, which is a little higher than I usually brew my white tea. I’m glad I listened to their recommendation. I used fresh cold water and brought it to 208 (don’t let it fully boil) and I steeped it for 3 minutes. It brews up a soft light golden, the color of a nice white wine. It has a slight fruity/leafy scent.

The flavor is definitely one of the best white teas I’ve ever had! It has a soft background of floral/herbal and peaches, along with the faintest hint of vanilla without being falsely sweet. It is very smooth with no bitterness or bite. I could drink this tea all day long! They have chosen to keep their teas pure, with no flavorings. I love that this white tea is naturally so flavorful and sweet.

I found that I can brew this tea 3-4 times easily. Each steep has a slightly different flavor focus, with the sweetness decreasing with steeps, and the floral/herbal tones moving forward.

I am so thankful that we got to see the volcano crater, but then had that cold misty leading us to Volcano Winery. I have finally walked through a real field of tea, touched the plants, heard about the processing and tasted the tea. A memory that will last forever… and when I go back to the Big Island, I’m sure I’ll be stopping by to say “Hi” to Marie!

Black Sand Beaches Tea Blend by Mellie’s Tea

20 Jul

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.40.14 PM

I’ve told you about my creating my own blends under “Mellie’s Tea” through Adagio Teas. Well, I’ve added a new one! It’s called “Black Sand Beaches” in honor of the tropical scents and smells of Hawaii in combination of it’s newest black sand beach! It’s a fruity blend of black tea, flavored with mango, passion fruit, a touch of coconut and sprinkled with pineapple bits! Come give it a try! If you leave a message with your email address I’ll send you a code for $5 off!!

Also, a couple of my teas are “in a ‘ship” – meaning that if you purchase both teas that are connected, you get 10% off! So purchase Black Sand Beaches with Island Moon and get 10% off! Or… order  Sunshiny Day with Garden Fresh and get 10% off!


Tuesday Tea Village Tea Company

13 Sep

It’s time for another “Tuesday Tea” post. And have I got some wonderful teas to share with you today!

I was given the great opportunity to sample some teas from Village Tea Company. I’d like to tell you a bit about Village Tea Company by sharing some of the letter from the CEO I found on their website.

The Village Tea Company brand is a young brand, less than 3 years old, but  prides itself on providing exceptionally tasting teas packaged with the  environment and consumers in mind.  Our packaging is completely  environmentally friendly but it’s what’s inside the package that consumers  truly  love….the tea of course!

The Village Tea team spends months every year traveling to tea farms and meeting with farmers that have become friends over the years to hand pick each tea that you enjoy.  We stay on site at each farm and commit ourselves to understanding the culture and demands put on our friends on a daily basis.  It’s this commitment and effort that drives us to advance the message of loose leaf tea and it’s benefits.

I must say, I was super impressed with the packaging of the teas I received. I loved that the containers were a heavy paper board. But they are also very sturdy, seal tightly and keep light away from the tea!

When I opened my first container, I found that the loose leaf tea was packaged in 2 separate muslin bags to help keep it fresh. I even received tea sacks tucked in beside my tea. What a nice treat to receive these with loose leaf tea! One package was filled with pyramid tea bags and the tea that filled the tea bag is a very nice sized/ high quality leaf.

I received 3 different teas: A white tea “Strawberry Passion”, a green “Smooth Jasmine” and a black “Mintastically Minty”.

My favorite? Well… right now my favorite of the three is the Strawberry Passion! We have been having a very warm September… and I love to brew up a large batch of white flavored tea as iced tea! However, I know when winter comes, I’m going to be turning to the Smooth Jasmine often in the evenings!

My favorite aspects of each tea:


Strawberry Passion: A very nice, full bodied, white tea! Very low in caffeine. Flavored ever so gently with a strawberry, with some dried strawberries in the mix.


Smooth Jasmine: A nice gentle chinese green tea – not too bitter, with a touch of sweetness. The tea is not only flavored with jasmine, but also has some scattered dried jasmine petals in it. This blend is like satin on the tongue!


Mintastically Minty:  Organic!! I love organic tea! Lemongrass adds a lovely dimension to the spearmint and peppermint!



Having tried 3 different teas and being impressed with all three, I would highly recommend Village Tea Company.

I look forward to trying their “Sassy” Green Tea which has green tea, ginger, flavor, orange peel, peach pieces, chilies, cloves, safflower, acai (some of my favorite flavors!!!) I also look forward to trying their “Royal Organic English Breakfast”!


**I did NOT receive any compensation for this review, nor do I receive anything for directing readers to this company. The opinions are all my own, honest evaluation. I did receive samples of the tea to taste.

Review: Libre Tea Glass

8 Sep

I had the great opportunity to review a Libre Tea Glass. I had seen these “on-the-go” tea steeping glasses online and was very intrigued. I often find myself in a waiting room, wishing I had a nice cup of tea to sip on. But up until now, I had now way of taking a cup of hot tea with me.

I received a large Libre tea glass to try, along with a package of their Ming Mei green tea.

The first time I used my Libre glass, I brewed a flavored white tea. I heated the water to 175 degrees and filled the Libre glass with water. Then I twisted on the filter, put a teaspoon of tea in the top and twisted on the top. I was about 5 min away from my appointment, so when I got in the car, I turned the glass upside down to start steeping.

They are right! It does not leak! I found I could even safely carry it in my purse.

When I got to my appointment, I turned the glass right side up. I checked in and sat down to wait. I found that I could unscrew the lid, while keeping the tea and strainer attached to the lid and I had a lovely glass of tea to sip on.

I also found that the temperature of the tea stayed very consistent for more than an hour – and I didn’t have to worry about the tea oversteeping since I had turned it upright!

Now, if I was heading of to an office setting, this would also be a fantastic tea glass. You can put the tea directly into the glass, and when you’re ready, add hot water. The strainer keeps the tea in the glass and you can pour the tea into a cup – or drink right through the strainer!

The Ming Mei green tea, that you can also buy at Libre  is a wonderful green tea. I used water at 165 degrees. When steeped for 4-5 minutes it is a lovely light, slightly sweet green tea. The long wiry leaves open fully to whole green tea leaves. They smell slightly fruity, slightly vegetal and very sweet. This is a great green tea!

Here is a video of how the Libre Tea Glass works:

I found the Libre tea glass easy to clean, and with glass, it never carries over a flavor from my last tea.

The only negative I found with the Libre Tea glass, is that when I have used the lid to brew the tea upside down, it often drips down my front when sipping. I balance this by being sure I have let it fully finish dripping after turning it right side up, and I “slurp” or lick the drips around the rim before sipping the tea directly from the tea glass.

I found that if I brewed the leaves in the cup and used the strainer lid to sip through, it’s much less drippy! However, I sip my tea very slow, and with most of my attempts the tea steeped too long and got bitter. Again, if I was in an office or somewhere I could pour the tea into a cup when it was done brewing, it would perfect!

You can read more about Libre on their website, and you can find a retailer that sells Libre Tea Glasses here. You can also “Like” Libre Tea on FB and share your favorite “Tea Moments”.

** I did NOT and will NOT receive any compensation related to this review. I received on large packet of Ling Mei tea to sample and one large poly glass Libre Tea Glass. I thank Libre Tea for allowing me to sample and write a review of their products.

Tuesday Tea

1 Feb

I’m sitting here in bed (it’s not been a good M.E./CFS week) and what am I doing? Drinking tea! And I realized I hadn’t written a Tuesday Tea post in a while!

This is one of my favorite Shelley teacups in my collection

So what’s in my cup right now?

I’m drinking my last pot of “Classic Black” from Art of Tea . I have also, really been enjoying Red Leaf Tea’s “Earl Grey De La Creme”, it’s been the perfect winter tea!

But here I sit… with the sun shining in my window and my heart drifts towards spring! (though when I opened the window to breath the fresh air … I found it was FREEZING outside!!!)

So I’ve placed a new order! I tasted Culinary Teas “Lady Londonderry” and wrote a review on it! I loved the soft flavors of lemon and berry and just needed a bit of “spring” in my tea! I was also looking for a new black to try… and as I didn’t want to pay shipping from two stores I also ordered “Kirkoswold Dimbula FBOP” – a tea grown in the heights of Sri Lanka and one I have never tasted before.

A Royal Albert teacup I picked up in England.

And… I know what my next order will be too! For Christmas, I purchased tea from BourgeaTea for all of my extended family. I even bought some for my daughter. I bought some of my favorites for my family and now I can’t wait to get my spring/summer tin of “White Peach” ! I also think I’ll try their “Irish Breakfast” since every tea I’ve had from BourgeaTea has been fantastic!

What’s in your cup today?


Tuesday Tea GIVEAWAY – BourgeaTea

16 Nov

**I was not paid in any way for the following review. I was sent a sample of the product I am reviewing only. The opinions are my own, honest evaluation of the product.**

I’m so excited to share this review and giveaway with you!

I was first introduced to BourgeaTea about six months ago through my tea reviews at TeaViews. I was sent my first sample of BourgeaTea – it was their White Peach tea and I was very impressed with the mix of white teas, along with the lovely peach flavor. It became my main iced tea this summer! Since then, I’ve been able to sample quite a few of the teas offered at BourgeaTeaand every one has been a high quality pleasure filled tea!

BourgeaTEA was started in 2008 by Chris Bourgea as a way to provide quality tea to the students of his university campus. Chris was unsatisfied with the tea of the local coffee café and began an initiative to find the best loose leaf tea, specifically for the people around him. He began to make tea bags by hand and sold them to the local café and to a growing group of fans around his university campus. Now he sells to multiple cafés, to individual tea drinkers, and online. But BourgeaTEA has never lost the vision of challenging the way people think about tea and its emphasis towards college students and living well. The vision of the company is to change the persona of tea from its stigma as a drink for older ladies in fluffy hats and young girls at tea parties to its splendor as an amazing, flavorful resource for all those who need something spectaculicious to drink. (taken from the BourgeaTea website)

Interestingly, though I, a seasoned tea drinker, find BourgeaTea‘s selections to have incredible flavor with high quality blends – I have an even stronger testimony to Chris Bourgea’s vision and success. I also received a sample of the Citrus Green Tea to review for TeaViews, which I enjoyed very much. But my family was raised on black teas, and green teas have never been a favorite. I’d love for them to drink green tea, but have never pushed it because they weren’t really interested. One day, my son, who is almost 18, came to me with a bag of tea in hand asking if he could have some. It was BourgeaTea‘s Green Citrus. I casually said “Sure” and told him how to brew it. He went off and made himself a cup and loved it! Chris Bourgea successfully turned my college age son into a green tea drinker! ******* I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to tell you what my favorite BourgeaTea was. So instead, today I’m going to tell you about the tea they are offering to one lucky reader – Masala Chai. Did you know that if you go and order a “Chai Tea”, you are really ordering a “Tea Tea”? Yes, the word Chai means tea! Masala is a unique blend of Indian spices, so Masala Chai is a wonderfully spiced tea! There are as many Masala recipes (spice mixtures) as there are Indian families – but they all include some ginger and cardamon and usually cinnamon, cloves and other spices! A good Masala Chai also includes a strong Indian black tea base. Milk and sugar or honey is usually added. Here is BourgeaTea‘s description of their Masala Chai:

Masala chai – even the words conjure up images of fresh, golden spice: dry cinnamon, cool cardamon, and potent ginger. Blended into a strong full-body premium Ceylon black tea, it gives the Masala Chai a robust and spicy flavor, the impression of which is like drinking a warm, crackling fire on a cold, rainy night.

Truly, this is the perfect season for a good Masala Chai. If you win this giveaway you will receive a full tin of this tea that you can use to keep yourself warm this winter, or give as a lovely Christmas gift! I received a tin of BourgeTea‘s Masala Chai for this review and was thrilled when I opened the tin! The leaves of the tea are large and dark – the sign of a good Ceylon tea (one of my very favorite teas!) I also quickly saw pieces of dried ginger, and other spices mixed in the tea. The scent that drifted out of the tin made my mouth water! I brewed it as a normal tea – using water that had just come to a boil and brewing it for no more than 6 minutes. I added some milk and honey to it and it was a wonderful cup of tea! Then, after viewing a YouTube video showing how an Indian family makes their masala chai, I decided to try the technique with BourgeaTea’s Masala Chai. This is now my favorite way to drink it! I choose the mug I will drink my tea from, and fill it about 3/4 with water. I heat this in a saucepan until it begins to boil and I add 2 teaspoons of tea to it. I let that simmer about 2.5 min. While it’s simmering I heat about 3/4 of the mug full of milk in the microwave. When it’s warm, I add it to the simmering tea, and add my sweetener – honey or sugar. Without stirring it, I let it come to a rolling boil and quickly pull it off the stove as it foams up. I put it back on the burner and do this 3-4 times and then pour the tea through a strainer into my mug. It makes a fantastically rich, spicey cup of Indian tea! I love it! ***** So how do YOU win a tin of BourgeaTea Masala Chai? It’s so easy! All you have to do is visit BourgeaTea‘s website and leave a comment on this post telling me one other tea you’d like to try! Be sure your email address is entered so I can contact you if you win! AND… you can get extra entries too! You can do any or all of these. Leave a separate comment for each one you do! ~Tell me something about Chris Bourgea that I didn’t tell you in this post (Hint: you can find all kinds of information on the website and on his blog) ~Follow BourgeaTea on Twitter and tell me your twitter name (if you already do – that counts – leave a comment with your twitter name) ~Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (if you already do – that counts – leave a comment!) ~Subscribe by email to my blog  – see the left hand sidebar – and receive my blog directly to your email (if you already do – that counts – leave a comment!) ~ Subscribe to my newsletters – either through the sign up on the sidebar – or when you follow with Google Friend Connect (I don’t send out very many newsletters – only when there is a special giveaway or other special news concerning my blog or The Creators Palette) ~ “Like” BourgeaTea on Facebook (if you already do – that counts – leave a comment!) ~ Follow me on Twitter and tell me your twitter name in the comment (if you already do – that counts – leave a comment!) ~ Tweet about this giveaway using the example here (or write your own). Please leave a link to your tweet in your comment. You can get one entry per day for each new tweet! Example Tweet: WIN Masala Chai from @BourgeaTEA Visit Melanie’s Journey blog from @CreatorsPalette to enter http://tinyurl.com/2cejha3 #giveaway #win #tea GIVEAWAY ENDS at 9:00 Pacific Time November 21. Winner will be confirmed and announced Monday November 22. Giveaway is only open to US residents Comments will be checked for accuracy before winner is chosen. Winner will be chosen by random using the WordPress “And The Winner Is” from among all qualifying comments. NOTE: I did not receive any payment for this review and giveaway. I did receive one tin of Masala Chai to review and was surprised with a tin of Green Citrus tea bags for my son. All the views expressed here are my honest opinions. I thank BourgeaTea for sponsoring this wonderful holiday time giveaway.


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